Cristobella Durrette is a journalist, researcher and illustrator currently living in Houston, Texas. She started reading comics books at a young age and discovered a love for nonfiction graphic novels. Spurred by a desire to tell stories with real-world impact, she chose to pursue a career in journalism. 

Cristobella remained in the Bayou City for college and will earn her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston in May 2021. Rather than studying journalism, she opted to major in Creative Writing to hone her skills for crafting narratives and engaging with readers. She also studies Studio Art, with focuses in illustration and digital media, to refine her cartooning skills. 

Outside of the classroom, Cristobella has engaged in numerous experiential learning opportunities, including an internship with Houston Public Media, the city's NPR affiliate. During this time, she developed a fascination with audio storytelling and concluded that she wants to pursue a career in public radio. 

When she isn't writing, researching or drawing, Cristobella can be found curled up with a book and a cup of coffee.